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Sharps Disposal Service

According to regulations established by the Environmental Protection Agency, any facility or practice that generates sharps is required to properly dispose of the waste via specially-designed sharps containers. ImageFIRST™ Medical Waste Services can supply your healthcare facility with sharps disposal containers in a variety of sizes and styles that are fully compliant with state and federal regulations. Additionally, we can arrange a tailor-made sharps disposal service program, to ensure the prompt removal and safe disposal of all contaminated sharps.

Whether your healthcare facility’s sharps disposal service needs are small or large, we can design a custom program that will work best for you. We pride ourselves on providing a prompt, professional, and reasonably priced disposal service that is flexible to your needs and schedule.

Our highly-trained and professional associates have the industry expertise to ensure safe disposal of your sharps. Most sharps containers need to be packaged for transportation from the facility’s site to be properly processed and safely disposed of. Not only will ImageFIRST Medical Waste Services will provide you with DOT-approved outer packaging, but we will also make sure your sharps are correctly identified and ready for transportation. You can rest assured that our team of industry experts are up-to-date on all state and federal requirements regarding medical sharps disposal. Pair this with a comprehensive service strategy designed to reduce your administrative burden, and ImageFIRST is the clear choice for your medical sharps disposal service needs.    

At ImageFIRST we have extensive experience in providing professional pickup, removal, transport and disposal of biomedical sharps containers and red bag waste. We will work to make your life easier by reducing your cost and providing you with the personalized service that you need. Call ImageFIRST today to enquire about our sharps disposal service.

With ImageFIRST Sharps Disposal Services:

  • DOT-approved outer packaging included
  • Containers offered in a variety of styles and sizes
  • Custom tailored service for your practice’s unique needs