Medical Sharps Containers

Our ImageFIRST Medical Sharps Disposal Containers are manufactured using strict quality standards. Available in many sizes, these sharps containers are compatible with locking cabinets to provide security and prevent unwanted access to container contents.

Our medical sharps disposal containers feature:

  • Puncture-resistant walls that meet or exceed ASTM standards
  • A translucent design to make visual fill level identification safe and simple
  • Fittings that are compatible with various cabinet fixtures

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Red Bag Box Dollys and Lids

Keep your medical waste bin off the floor with our convenient and sturdy dolly and lid. Made of recycled material and featuring quiet, non-marking casters, our Red Bag Box Dolly lets you move your medical waste where you need it, when you need it. Similarly, our lids make sure your medical waste is kept organized, safe, and out of sight.

Our lids and dollys:

  • Feature a raised handle that allows the container to be opened with a forearm if your hands are full
  • Are lightweight
  • Will not erode or rust
  • Feature large 2” wheels that ensure easy transportation
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Cardboard Boxes and Red Bags

Our corrugated, cardboard boxes and red bags will help keep you compliant from start to finish.

Our Boxes:

  • Meet or exceed state and industry strength specifications
  • Meet OSHA requirements for proper identification with their Universal Biohazard Symbol
  • Are DOT approved with proper classification for regulated medical waste
Our Red Bags Are:

  • Bright red for easy identification
  • Properly sized to make securing full box of medical waste easier
  • Fully compliant with the Universal biohazard symbol clearly printed on front

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