Peace of Mind With ImageFIRST’s Cradle To Grave Service

How familiar are you with the cradle to grave regulations surrounding medical waste? They are strict and complex, and it is your responsibility to follow them. From the moment that you generate any medical waste, the disposal of that waste is ultimately your responsibility. Even if you hire someone else to do it, you are liable for any failure on their part to follow the law. So, if you are not an expert on medical waste regulations, how can you be sure that your medical waste service is adhering to all state and federal regulations that control the pickup, transport, and disposal of medical waste? 

 Our Cradle To Grave System Offers:

  • Proprietary tracking system
  • Fully compliant processing
  • Stress-free, full service processing from pickup to destruction
At ImageFIRST we are able to give you peace of mind concerning your medical waste disposal. We pride ourselves on our unique barcode tracking system that enables us to track your medical waste throughout every step of the process—that’s what we mean by “cradle to grave.”  Our cradle to grave tracking procedures ensure that your medical waste is handled safely and efficiently, so you can spend less time worrying about your medical waste and more time delivering quality patient care. That’s the ImageFIRST Advantage.
rsz_mwboxes2 Cradle To Grave Processing