Compliant Process

While the hallmark of the ImageFIRST medical waste disposal program is customer service, its foundation is safety. We have designed our program with all applicable regulations in mind. Safety is one of our values that we take very seriously, and we view mandating compliance as a way of ensuring the safety of you, your patients, your community, and our associates.

All supplies that we provide for the proper packing and transportation of regulated medical waste are compliant with current State, Federal and DOT regulations.  This includes our corrugated boxes, biohazard red bags and sharps containers.  Additional supplies to assist in reducing risk, such as sturdy box lids, box dollies, and sharps container wall brackets, are also available from ImageFIRST.

rsz_dolly_and_lid_box-256x300 Compliant Process

Here are just some of the regulations that we comply with:

  • Federal Department of Transportation regulations 49 CFR 171, 172, 173 and 175
  • All applicable OSHA regulations
  • NCDENR Section 1200 – Medical Waste Management (North Carolina)
  • DHEC R.61-105, Infectious Waste Management Regulations (South Carolina)
  • Georgia Environmental Protection Division – 391-3-5-.15 Biomedical Waste
  • PA Rules and Regulations, Title 25, Article VII, Chapter 284