Bundle Your Medical Waste Disposal and Linen Rental and Laundry to Save!

ImageFIRST provides a great solution to help consolidate your healthcare facility’s service needs while saving you money.

Our professional service teams can create a unified solution to help you properly dispose of your regulated medical waste while also surrounding your patients with our high quality gowns and linens at the same time. Besides offering unbeatable prices to customers who bundle, we also are able to provide one, consolidated customer care center. That means one less number to remember and one less hoop to jump through if you have any concerns with your service.

Both ImageFIRST Medical Waste Services and ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialist have built a reputation as industry leaders by putting our customers first. We believe that you and your team’s focus should be solely on providing the best quality care to your patients. Let ImageFIRST help you by taking your mind off of your regulated medical waste and linen services.

If you are a current customer and appreciate the value and service that we currently offer, you will undoubtedly welcome the same level of service in your medical waste management.

Contact us today to find out how our professional service teams can make your life easier by consolidating your services. You will be glad you did.