Benefits of the ImageFIRST Medical Waste Services

We built our reputation as a medical waste disposal company by putting our customers first. Our entire business model, from our product offerings to our service schedule, has been designed with your needs in mind. The hallmarks of this program are:

  1. Fair pricing
  2. Hassle-free service
    • Fast service
    • Friendly associates
    • Flexible pick-up schedule
  3. Peace of mind with a fully-compliant processing 

Combine these elements with the infection control you need and the simple invoicing you want, and the end result is a program that will make ImageFIRST your partner in medical waste disposal services.

Does Your Medical Waste Disposal Company Offer:

  • A pick-up schedule based on what’s most convenient for you?
  • Company representatives who are friendly and professional?
  • Responsive and efficient customer service?
  • Disposal processes that comply with all applicable regulations?
  • Reasonable and fair pricing?
  • Invoices that clearly detail each and every charge?
  • A long-standing tradition of putting customers first?

If not, it’s time to make the switch to ImageFIRST!

Fair and Forthright Pricing
Cradle To Grave Processing
Friendly and Courteous Associates
Flexibile Pick-Up Schedule
Fully Compliant Processing